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Our solutions that provide accurate positioning and motion information

Enterprise kit

Pozyx Enterprise kit Enterprise/Ultra-wideband kits 238
[51-001-0001] Enterprise kit
€ 4,490.00000 4490.0 EUR

The go-to solution for your enterprise grade indoor positioning needs. Scalable to unlimited area sizes and 1000 positions per second.

  • 2 x Developer tag
  • 4 x Wearable tag - Interactive edition
  • 6 x Enterprise anchor
  • 1 x Gateway

Enterprise kit Lite

Pozyx Enterprise kit Lite Enterprise/Ultra-wideband kits 308
[51-001-0007] Enterprise kit Lite
€ 2,790.00000 2790.0 EUR

The go-to solution for an enterprise RTLS validation.

  • 2 x Wearable tag - Interactive edition
  • 2 x Industrial tag
  • 4 x Enterprise anchor
  • 1 x Compact gateway

Creator kit

Pozyx Creator kit Creator/Ultra-wideband kits 65
[50-001-0001] Creator kit
€ 1,050.00000 1050.0 EUR

The perfect kit for prototyping.

  • 5 x Creator anchor
  • 4 x Developer tag

Creator kit Lite

Pozyx Creator kit Lite Creator/Ultra-wideband kits 67
[50-002-0001] Creator kit Lite
€ 700.00000 700.0 EUR

Our Lite kit. This is the kit you’ll want to buy if you only need to track one thing.

  • 4 x Creator anchor
  • 2 x Developer tag

Individual units

Our tags provide accurate positioning and motion information

Industrial tag

Pozyx Industrial tag Enterprise/Individual units 293
[25-001-0001] Industrial tag
Price on request

Wearable tag - Interactive

Pozyx Wearable tag - Interactive Enterprise/Individual units 182
[21-002-0001] Wearable tag - Interactive
Price on request

Wearable tag - Tracking

Pozyx Wearable tag - Tracking Enterprise/Individual units 171
[21-001-0001] Wearable tag - Tracking
Price on request

Enterprise anchor

Pozyx Enterprise anchor Enterprise/Individual units 231
[10-002-0002] Enterprise anchor
Price on request

Developer tag

Pozyx Developer tag Creator/Enterprise/Individual units 68
[22-001-0001] Developer tag
€ 135.00000 135.0 EUR

Developer tag (headerless)

Pozyx Developer tag (headerless) Creator/Enterprise/Individual units 70
[22-001-0002] Developer tag (headerless)
€ 135.00000 135.0 EUR

Creator anchor

Pozyx Creator anchor Creator/Individual units 69
[11-001-0001] Creator anchor
€ 135.00000 135.0 EUR


Our products which can further enhance your experience

IP66/67 header

Pozyx IP66/67 header Accessories/Enterprise 239
[90-010-0101] IP66/67 header
Price on request

VESA wall mount

Pozyx VESA wall mount Accessories/Enterprise 237
VESA wall mount
€ 30.00000 30.0 EUR

VESA ceiling mount

Pozyx VESA ceiling mount Accessories/Enterprise 236
VESA ceiling mount
€ 30.00000 30.0 EUR

VESA pole mount

Pozyx VESA pole mount Accessories/Enterprise 235
VESA pole mount
€ 30.00000 30.0 EUR

Sales FAQ

  • Which tax rules do apply?

    Taxes are levied based on the country we're shipping to:

    Inside Europe

    Inside the European Union our goods are subject to value added tax (VAT). The VAT rate is equal to the rate in the exporting country (i.e. 21% because Pozyx NV is located in Belgium). Companies outside Belgium with a valid VAT number are not charged VAT. Your applicable VAT rate is calculated during check-out. Belgian companies are charged VAT which they can deduct. For more information please check cross-border VAT.

    Outside Europe

    Outside the European Union, no value added tax is due (VAT). However, at the point of import the goods may be subject to local import taxes and import duties. In most countries the duties on electronic goods are zero-rated (0%). Please check with your local authorities for specific information.

  • How do you ship my order?

    We use TNT Express (part of FedEx) as our global shipping carrier which allows us to ship to nearly any country in the world. We try to ship any new orders within 5 working days. Upon Shipment you will receive a link by email to track your shipment. Your parcel will be delivered on business days during the day. Shipping can take 2-5 working days.

    If you have missed the delivery, you will receive a 'we missed you'-card which will allow you to reschedule the drop-off or pick up pour parcel from a nearby TNT/FedEx depot.

  • Can you ship my order in express?

    We generally don't ship in express as we have outbound shipments every week (Wednesday). Express shipment is possible though if you are willing to pay more and depending on the cut-off times of our shipping carrier. Please contact for more information.

  • How does Pozyx support price quotes and purchase orders (POs)?

    If you are looking for a quote select "pay with wire transfer" as your payment option. You will receive a price quote in your e-mail inbox. A quote is non-binding. Alternatively you can fill in a PO-number in the appropriate field in the check-out process. Your PO number will be printed on your invoice. You are free to select your preferred payment option.

  • What payment options are supported?

    We support the following payment options:

    Wire transfer

    Select wire transfer during the payment process. You will receive a quote with payment instructions. Transfer the amount due from your bank to ours:


    IBAN: BE40 7360 1689 7363


    After the money is transferred (which usually takes a few days) we send you a confirmation email and will proceed with the fulfillment of your order.

    Credit card

    We accept credit card payments from all the major credit card companies. All your credit card information is encrypted and securely processed with Stripe, a major payment processor. Your credit card information never touches our servers. As soon as Stripe has processed your payment we will ship your order.


    Checkout can be performed with PayPal. Selecting this option redirects you to the PayPal website where you can enter your PayPal credentials OR enter your credit card information. As soon as PayPal has processed your payment we will ship your order.

  • Which payment terms are provided?

    We don't provide any payment terms to new clients. Please contact if you are a returning client and are looking for specific payment terms.

  • Does Pozyx grant discounts for educational projects?

    The Pozyx Creator kits are already priced at a very attractive price-point. We therefore don't provide any discounts. Contact if you are looking for reseller prices and/or volume discounts.

  • Under what HS code does Pozyx needs to be cleared for customs?

    Pozyx hardware should be cleared as an electronic integrated circuit using the harmonized code: 8542.31.9000

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