Enterprise anchor

Pozyx Enterprise/Individual units 312

With the Pozyx Enterprise Anchor, you enjoy the most robust and scalable UWB positioning solution for large projects. They are easy to install and built to perform in tough environments. Plus, they scale easily to work on even the largest permanent installations to track thousands of tags.

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Usable to

Works in demanding environments
Can be extended to cover any size area
Handles thousands of tags in real-time


Robust Casing Options

IP20: Industrial Grade

IP66/67: Weatherproof

Secured Firmware

Backup in non-volatile memory

Upgradeable over Ethernet

Positioning Techniques

TDOA: Time Difference of Arrival

TWR: Two Way Ranging

Easy to Install

Standard VESA mounting options

Supports daisy-chained PoE

Onboard Sensors


Air Pressure

Temperature (Diagnostic purposes)


  • Quasi omni-directional ultra-wideband receiver
  • Ultra-wideband range extension
  • Processes up to 4000 ultra-wideband frames per second
  • Support for both TWR and TDOA positioning
  • Powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) or local AC/DC convertor
  • Supports daisy chaining of up to 8 anchors
  • Industrial grade with IP20 or weatherproof IP66/67 enclosure options
  • Firmware upgradeable over Ethernet
  • Backup firmware recovery
  • SNMP support for device diagnostics
  • Pending Certifications: FCC Part 15.517 / ETSI EN 302 065-2 LT1/LT2


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Size (with IP20 header) 158 x 98 x 53 mm
Size (with IP66/67 header) 229 x 98 x 59 mm
Weight (with IP20 header) 170 g
Weight (with IP66/67 header) 274 g


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