Health & Safety kit

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The Health & Safety kit brings everything you need to create safe work environments in a single package. The kit includes a dedicated plug and play industrial server, 10 Health & Safety tags, and an Enterprise anchor to handle all the communication between the server and the tags.

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    • Alert and/or vibration when in <1.5m range with neighbor (range configurable)
    • Storage of contact history for past 2 weeks on the tags
    • Automatic data-offloading when in proximity of a Pozyx anchor
    • Works without Pozyx anchors in range
    • Works both indoors and outdoors
    • Safeguard privacy: no cloud connection necessary
    • No interference with WiFi or other RF technologies
    • Prevention & intervention dashboard
    • APIs for integration (on the roadmap)

    What’s in it?

    And more:

    • 10 x USB-C cable
    • 1 x IP66/67 header
    • 1 x PoE injector
    • 1 x VESA mounting set
    • 1 x Basic Enterprise license


    The Pozyx Health & Safety tag is a small rechargeable device used to make social distancing and contact tracing easier. It comes with highly accurate UWB (ultra-wideband) technology on board to make social distancing robust and reliable. Combined with the Pozyx infrastructure, it provides smart insights for prevention and risk analysis. A dedicated web app not only lets you monitor how and where people were in contact, it also gives you insights into the potential spread risks.

    Dependable Safety

    Get a reliable system that ensures safe social distancing through superior accuracy with cutting-edge UWB technology

    Smart Prevention

    Advanced software tools get you insights into risks, and possible spreads to prevent problems and reduce issues. 

    Lightning-fast Reaction

    If the virus occurs, a dedicated team of scientists is available in 24 h to test and follow up until your company is virus-free. (Belgium only)

    Infection Insights

    Map major bubbles within your company and take measures to keep the network small and prevents the spread.

    Personal Behavior Score

    Get an automatic score to track how many people a person would have infected if he or she is contagious.

    Academic Backing (Belgium Only)

    In Belgium, Pozyx has been selected to participate in a study to improve and validate infection models with regard to social distancing. Academics and scientists with deep knowledge about COVID-19 will be available to assist when an outbreak of the virus occurs in your company.


    • Dedicated team

    • Expert scientists

    • Immediate intervention

    • Large testing capacity

    • Multiple tests (day 0-5-10)

    • Guaranteed virus-free

    • Academic validation of technology

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